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Coalition Update: The DEP Makes an Official Visit to Liberty Lake!



For more than 40 years, Liberty Lake, located in Mansfield Township, New Jersey, has been a popular picnic, reunion, and corporate outing destination for thousands of local families each year. Since 2002, Liberty Lake has been the Premier Children's Day Camp in New Jersey.  Every summer at Liberty Lake Day Camp, hundreds of local children and teenagers transform our campus into an "extraordinary world," creating a developmental environment that is unparalleled in our area.

Today, the future of Liberty Lake is being jeopardized by a Florida based, multi-million dollar developer who wants to construct a warehouse complex consisting of four buildings and totaling 1.9 million square feet on the properties surrounding our campus. The largest of these warehouses is nearly 900,000 square feet– the size of SEVEN HOME DEPOTS. The developer is planning to erect this gargantuan warehouse on the land locked 100 acre parcel (currently used for farming) directly beside Liberty Lake. The other side of this property is a beautiful Farmland Preservation farm, as are many of the adjacent properties. Currently, the developer is being supported by Mansfield Township officials, the Governor's Office of Planning Advocacy, and a dream team of influential lawyers and consultants.

This development would be extremely detrimental to the future of Liberty Lake. Besides the aesthetic ramifications, there are numerous environmental issues including increased flooding from stormwater run off, which will negatively impact the already compromised Crafts Creek Watershed. Moreover, while bringing in tax revenue, the financial benefit of the warehouse complex will be quickly offset by traffic congestion, pollution, diesel fumes, and the need to expand local infrastructure (fire, police & sanitation).  The citizens of Mansfield take pride in their town because of its rural landscapes and natural beauty, not for 24-hour tractor trailers driving past their streets, backing up their traffic lights, and taking away one of the few recreation areas for its families.

The Current Margolis Warehouse Proposal is a "Lose-Lose" Proposition:

■ The environment of Liberty Lake, where hundreds of campers change their lives each and every summer, will be tarnished.

■ Citizens of Mansfield Township will NOT receive property tax relief. While the warehouse complex would bring in additional revenue for the Township, any monetary gain will be quickly offset by additional expenses. If the warehouse complex is constructed, Mansfield Township would have to spend tens of thousands of additional dollars per year in police, fire protection, EMTs, garbage pick-up, public works and more. Dr. Leonard Hamilton explores these hidden costs of commercial development for local communities in the "Ratable Myth" section of our website (click above tab). In addition to the lack of financial benefits, the warehouse complex would also significantly diminish the serenity and environmental integrity of the Mansfield community.

■ Margolis Enterprises will be challenged to profit from warehouses in this area as well, since 48% of Central New Jersey's warehouse space was vacant in 2009.

As an organization, Liberty Lake strongly opposes the Margolis Warehouse Proposal and we invite you to explore our website to learn more about the issues at hand. If you are interested in supporting our efforts to prevent or significantly alter the proposed construction of the warehouse complex, click here to become a member of the Liberty Lake Coalition and check out our Action Center for a list of ways in which you can help.

Thank you for your support -- Together, we can make change happen!


Awareness Video -- Created by our Campers, Spread it Around!


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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." 

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